Danni Hasan

President Director

Danni Hasan Danni Hasan earned his Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (1986) and Master of Science in Industrial Management (1998), both from Adamson University, Philippines. After completing his education, he returned to Indonesia to work for four (4) years in multinational companies engaging in the industrial services and mining industry, ie PT Akzo Coatings Indonesia (1988-1990), Asamera Oil (Indonesia) Ltd. (1990-1992) and Sigma Batara (1992-1995). From 1995-2001, he held more comprehensive financial role and responsibility at PT Centris Multi Pratama as Chief Finance Officer (CFO). His main tasks were to formulate corporate financial policy and strategy for the company and its subsidiaries, planning and budgeting, and communicating with investors and creditors. He was then appointed President Director of the same company in 2001-2007, prior to being appointed as PT Nusantara Infrastructure Tbk’s Director of Business Development and Investment in 2007. He has taken the role in business expansions from the beginning, including structuring, business development and activities, mergers, and acquisitions, Corporate Strategy, partnership, and strategic alliances with various global companies. He also played a major role in widening the spectrum of infrastructure investment company. His 25-year experience in Management and Finance led him to serve as President Director in the company. Given his expertise, work creativity and appropriate financial solution, he has encouraged the company to be one of the leading Indonesia’s private toll road companies.