Good Corporate Governance

Ethics and Code of Conducts

Basic Principles of Company’s Code of Ethics

In conjunction with enhancing the GCG implementation, the Company has implemented Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct drafted by the Parent Company, specifically PT Nusantara Infrastructure Tbk These Code of Ethics and Code of Conducts are portrayed on a GCG Manual and are used as references for every individual at the Company in the interaction with the stakeholders and among individuals in the Company. The purpose of formulating Code of Ethics and Code of Conducts are to retain and enhance the Company’s profile, image, and reputation by requiring all individuals in the Company to engage in their business activities founded by good moral, where it will ultimately maximize the values of the shareholders. Code of Ethics and Code of Conducts are formulated by the spirit of integrity, responsibility, mutual trust, transparency, and cooperation; which subsequently forms the business ethics for every individual in the Company as well as for the Company itself.

The Company formulates the Business Ethics as the means to engage in business activities which cover all aspects relevant to individuals, Company, industry, and community. Harmonizing all of these aspects will provide the fundamental for the Company on how to engage in fair business practices, in line with the prevailing laws which are independent from the individual’s or Company’s position in the community.

Corporate Culture

Ethics and Code of Conduct as the Company’s Code of Ethics are formulated by referring to the Company’s vision, mission, and values; which are then socialized and internalized to all individuals within the Company to turn into the Corporate Culture. The Company perceives the importance of Corporate Culture as the manifestation of the prime target of the Company to achieve its future vision.


To be one of the leading Indonesian Private Toll road Company with a focus on Strategic Toll roads.


Deliver long term sustainable growth and enhance Shareholders values through continuing to operate efficiently and provide top class services