The Company consistently to maintain its credibility by recording excellent performance, marked by sound growth achievements in terms of revenues, operating profit, as well as net profit throughout 2015.




PT Margautama Nusantara records a 12.98% increase in total consolidated revenue in 2015 in comparison to the preceding year. This increase is due to the increase in toll revenues as well as construction revenues throughout 2015.

TRAFFIC Management

Traffic Management




*(in million vehicles)

In 2015, BMN and JTSE experienced 2.93% and 5.22% increase of total daily traffic volume respectively in comparison to 2014.


PT Margautama Nusantara is a company in which our core business is to provide access to highway (toll road). We are committed to be an excellent and a leading toll road operator company which puts service quality as our priority and provides reliabel operation management. We will attain our objectives by relying on quality human resources development, put occupational health and safety as our priorities, and exhibiting our concerns toward social impacts and environmental conservations.

Therefore we are committed to:

  1. Always abide by the regulations, laws, and other requirements relevant with associated organization’s business and environments, safety, and occupational health as well as other regulations as a form of responsibilities in performing good corporate governance.
  2. Engages in continuous efforts to improve services to the customers, optimum maintenance of facilities, deliver innovations to improve effectiveness and efficiency in operational activities as well as enhance the safety, occupational health, and quality of environmental management.
  3. Continuously attempts to enhance staff skills and expertise to attain the best perfomance level.
  4. Always implement Occupational Safety and Health standards to anyone involved in company’s operational activities to protect them from hazard potentials and occupational disease.
  5. Reduce the level of environmental pollution induced by company’s business activities in line with the government’s conditions and other requirements.
  6. Ensure that all employees and relevant parties understand and implement these policies.

PT Margautama Nusantara is committed to put service quality as our priority and provide reliable operation management. The Company will attain its objectives by relying on quality human resources development, put occupational health and safety as our priorities, and exhibiting our concerns towards social impacts and environment conservations.


Based on the mandate given by the Minister of Public Works No. 16/PRT/M/2014 on the Minimum Service Standards for Toll road. The Head of Indonesia Toll road Authority (BPJT) has issued a letter No. 03/KPTS/BPJT/ 2015 dated April 1, 2015 on the format of inspection and assessment report for fulfilling the Minimum Service Standards for Toll road. This letter issued by the Head of Toll road Authority has expanded the scope of Minimum Service Standards assessment.

The Company has undertaken a periodical maintenance program for toll roads to enhance the services in terms of road conditions and to enhance the capacity in delivering the services on the average cruising speed of toll road’s users. During 2015, the Company has also undertaken various road maintenance programs. The purpose is to maintain Minimum Service Standards and enhance the services on the toll roads, which include among others:


SMinfra18OJK - financial service authorityKompas 100MCSIIDX

November 27, 2015

Environmental Care Award from the Head of Environment Agency of South Tangerang
The Company supports the movement of Environmental Care to Support the Successful Movement of Planting One Billion Trees Throughout 2015. As a result of its efforts, the Company receives an award from the Local Government of South Tangerang Municipality.

May 2015

OHSAS Certificate 18001:2007.
- Serpong-Pondok Aren Road Toll Segment, Section I & II of Phase I Ujung Pandang, Section IV of Makassar Segment.
- Issued by Swiss Accreditation.
- Certificate validity period is between July 26, 2015 – February 24, 2018.

May 2015

- ISO Certificate 14001:2004
- Toll Road Operation of Serpong-Pondok Aren Segment, Section I and II of Phase I Ujung Pandang, Section IV of Makassar Segment.
- Issued by UKAS Management System.
- Certificate validity period is July 3, 2015 – April 1, 2018.

May 2015

- Quality Assurance Certificate ISO 9001:2008
- Operation of Serpong-Pondok Aren Toll Road Segment, Phase 1 of Ujung Pandang Section I and II Toll Roads, Section IV Makassar Toll Road Segment.
- Issued by UKAS Management System.
- Certificates validity period is between July 3, 2015 – March 30, 2018.

February 2015

Safety and Health Management Award by the Administratives of the City of Makassar
The Mayor of Makassar awards the Company for its Concern and Commitment in Implementing the Principles of Occupational Safety and Health Management to the Company Management thus, allowing Zero Accident Level at the Workplace.

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