CSR Tol Peduli

At Margautama Nusantara, we care about the environment and the people where we carry our business. We are devoted to better people’s quality of life. In every area. In every corner.

CSR Tol Peduli

Together with Nusantara Care, Tol Peduli believe that our business activities must have positive impacts towards people’s life, including those less fortunate. We work together, side by side, to empower communities accross the country.

Since 2015, Nusantara Care Program in Toll Sector namely “Jalan Tol Peduli” has endeavored to empower the environment and communities living in the areas around the toll road areas under the Company’s management.


Margautama Nusantara believes that the future of this nation depends on its children. It is, therefore, the reason why we choose education as one our core Corporate Social Responsibity programs. We aim to provide children the best possible education through better and clean facilites to make learning experience more meaningful and enjoyable, and we also provide opportunity to less fortunate kids to continue their study by awarding scholarship.

Programs in 2019

Makassar’s Mosque and Orphanage Renovation 

On November 24th, 2019, the Company help to renovated the Riskullah Mosque and Orphanage. The renovations consist of ceiling repairment and expanding the mosque area. In addition, the Company also renovated the bathroom and abution areas. CSR activities through the construction of public facilities aim to improve the quality of life of the community and the environment around the Company's operational areas, as well as provide comfort and cleanliness while praying.

Programs in 2015

BMN-JTSE Education and Environmental Care

BMN and JTSE are committed to better the life of the community and environment around the operational area.
One of BMN and JTSE’s goals is improving the quality of education in the city of Makassar. On April 29, 2015, BMN and JTSE awarded scholarships to 10 students from 5 various schools surrounding the toll road operational area. This scholarship is awarded to outstanding students from less fortunate families, ranging from elementary school students to high school in the hope that they can be bright future generation. Scholarship recepients are students from these following school:

  • SD Inpres Rappokaling I Makassar
  • SD Rappokaling I Makassar
  • SD Rappokaling II Makassar
  • SD Rappokaling 67-1 Makassar
  • SMA Negeri 4 Makassar

In addition to the educational program, BMN and JTSE also implement environmental awareness programs to build sanitation facilities in schools. We are also raising safety awareness by conducting traffic safety campaign and create crossing markers "Zona Selamat Sekolah" (School Safety Zone) at the school gate.
Environmental and safety traffic awareness programs motivate young people to increase awareness of the environment in everyday life. Through these programs, we hope that the students are aware of the danger of crossing highways and exercise caution when crossing roads and will become the ambassadors for the environment and traffic safety pioneers.

Health and Safety

Margautama Nusantara cares about the health and safety of communities surrounding our facilities. We work both independently and together with our partners to ensure we provide safety measurements to those communities and promote health and disease preventio.


Programs in 2021

BSD Toll Vaccination Program for the General Community

Management of Bintaro Serpong Damai (BSD Toll Road) together with Dharma Putera Lestari (Management of Rest Area KM 07+200 A, Pd. Aren - Serpong Section) and IDC 3 (Indonesia Chpt3 Cycling Club) held a vaccination activity for the general public at Rest Area KM 07+200 A, Section Pd. Aren - 

Serpong on August 29, 2021. 500 doses of vaccine were distributed to the general public, especially users of the Pd Toll Road. Sugar palm - Serpong and the people living around the Company's operational areas.

The provision of this vaccination is assisted by the health workers of the Trisakti Doctors Association to support the government's program in accelerating vaccination nationally while at the same time creating herd immunity in the environment around the Company's operational areas

Programs in 2019


PT Bintaro Serpong Damai (BSD) held a health talk show on November 20, 2019 at L'escargot Cafe, Intermark Associate TowerBSD. This event is one of the CSR activities, Nusantara Care – Jalan Tol Peduli which is carried out at the level of the Company's business unit in commemoration of world diabetes day. With the theme "Prevention and Management of Diabetes Mellitus", this Health Talk activity presented speaker in the health sector, namely dr. Yunita Maslim, Sp.PD from Bethsaida Hospital Tangerang. In her presentation, dr. Yunita explained about the dangers of diabetes, the factors that cause it and how to prevent diabetes. Along with this event, a free health check was also held which consisted of checking blood sugar, body fat and skin health

Programs in 2017

Health Talk

  • The health discussion was held on March 17, 2017 at BSD. This activity is an HRD program in order to increase awareness of the importance of maintaining health through counseling and health coaching. With the theme "HEALTHY LIFE & ACTIVE IN WORK ENVIRONMENT,this activity was held in cooperation with Ichsan Medical Center bintaro Hospital. This event is a Corporate Wellness Program that aims to increase employee’s awareness about the importance of employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Programs in 2016

Social Action Blood Drive BMN and JTSE

  • 30 Maret 2016
    PT Bosowa Marga Nusantara (BMN) and PT Jalan Tol Seksi Empat (JTSE) in cooperation with Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) of Makassar held blood drive in Karebosi Field tribune area, Makassar on March 30, 2016. The Blood Donor was attended and opened by Vice Mayor of Makassar, Mr. Syamsu Rizal, who served as Chairman of the PMI Makassar. 80 bags of blood were collected from 163 donors. At each blood drive, PMI assesses the health of donors prospective applicants in advance, since not all applicants are eligible to donate.

Talk Show and Distribution of Face Mask on World Tuberculosis Day

  • On 24 March 2016, a talk show on health was held in Pondok Aren operational offices to recognize World Tuberculosis Day (HTBS). Dr. Herman S, Sp.P, Pulmonary Specialist Doctor of Medika Hospital, spoke at the talk show to raise awareness about about Tuberculosis (TB) as well as measures to prevent it. The talk show was attended by PT Bintaro Serpong Damai (BSD)’s employees, including Traffic Officers, Security Officers, KSPT, and Gatherer Tol. At the end of the talk show, face masks were distributed to all participants and officers in the field.

Environment & Society

Environment preservation is one of our main concerns. We pledge to be responsible towards the surrounding environments surrounding its facilities in supporting our business sustainability. We participate in planning trees along the roads that we operate to reduce impacts of global warming as well as maintain environmental ecosystem balance surrounding the toll roads. We also empower our community who lives in the surrounding toll roads areas to preserve their environment.


Programs in 2021

Tree Planting to Support City Regreening By Makassar Toll Management 

Makassar Metro Network (MMN) Company and Jalan Tol Section Empat (JTSE) Company held a tree planting activity entitled “Jalan Tol Rindang, Sejuk dan Indah” on April 12 2021 at the Traffic Control and Service Unit Office. A total of 150 tree were planted to create green open spaces in the toll road area and minimize the effects of global warming. This tree planting activity is a routine program carried out by the Company's Management to invite employees to contribute and care for the environment.


Nusantara Care, West Sulawesi Earthquake Assistance 

Nusantara Care, together with Wahana Visi (WVI) and Habibat For Humanity Indonesia, provided assistance to earthquake victims in the Majene and Mamuju areas in West Sulawesi. Assistance provided in the form of daily necessities including health and hygiene packages was distributed to disaster victims in January-February 2021.


Makassar Toll Road Help Victims Of Natural Disaster In West Sulawesi 

Makassar Metro Network (MMN) Company and Toll Road Section Four (JTSE) Company, which are also managers and operators of Makassar Toll Road, provide assistance to communities affected by natural disasters in the Majene-Mamuju, West Sulawesi. Assistance in the form of basic needs was given to victims in disaster-affected areas on January 17, 2021.


Provision of Washbasins by Makassar Toll Management 

PT Makassar Metro Network (MMN) Pprovided portable washbasins equipped with soap, tissue, and trash cans in three locations as a form of the Company’s contribution to preventing the transmission of Corona Virus.


Basic Food Parcels from Makassar Toll Management for Al-Hijrah and Annur Muhasin Orphanages 

PT Makassar Metro Network (MMN) provided assisteance to the community arounds its operational area to support their daily needs. 

Programs in 2020

BSD Toll Management Performs Greening in Toll Areas 

In commemoration of the 75th Public Works Day, the Management of PT Bintaro Serpong Damai (BSD Toll) carried out tree planting activities along Pondok Aren - Serpong Toll Road on December 7, 2020.


BSD Toll Distributed Basic Food Parcels and Cleaning Facilities to Surrounding Community 

PT Bintaro Serpong Damai (BSD) organized social service activities for the people affected by COVID-19 on May 15, 2020. This activity was carried out together with the BSD Highway Patrol Unit (PJR).

In a separate event on May 19, 2020, BSD Toll Management also delivered cleaning facilities to the Office of Environment of South Tangerang City Government.



The Management of PT BSD, the business unit of PT Nusantara Infrastructure in the Toll Road Sector, shared happiness with 300 residents through the distribution of beef around the operational area on July 31, 2020. This activity coincided with Eid al-Adha 10 Zulhijah 1441 Hijriah at the Pondok Aren Toll Gate Office, South Tangerang. The meat was given to the representatives of RT 003 and RW 004 to be distributed to all communities around the Company’s operational areas.



PT Bintaro Serpong Damai (BSD), which is one of the Company's business units in the toll sector together with the BSD Highway Patrol Unit (PJR), held social service activities on May 15, 2020 in the form of distributing daily staple food aid. This activity is a form of the Company's concern for the people affected by COVID-19.

On different occasions, the BSD Toll Management on May 19 2020 provided a number of cleaning facilities to the Environmental Service of the South Tangerang City Government as a form of the Company's concern to create a habit of always maintaining a clean environment within the community.


In the midst of Corona Virus (Covid-19) Pandemic outbreak, the Company through Nusantara Care continuously carried out various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities as a form of concern and contribution. This time, the Company’s business unit, PT Bintaro Serpong Damai (BSD), together with PT Nippon Indosari Corpindo Tbk, commonly known as Sari Roti, distributed basic daily needs and thousands loaves of bread to 250 families near BSD Toll Operational Area on May 8, 2020. This activity was a form of support and concrete action of the Company’s concern in supporting the fulfillment of community nutrition amidst Covid-19 Pandemic.

This activity, which was held on May 8, 2020, is a form of support and concrete action of the Company's concern in supporting the fulfillment of community nutrition in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The aid was distributed directly by representatives of local residents to each head of the family to avoid crowds.


In order to support the fulfillment of people's daily needs in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Makassar Toll Management has distributed assistance in the form of distributing basic necessities. The parties to which this aid is distributed are two orphanages located around the operational area, namely the Al-Hijrah and Annur Muhasin orphanages. The donation was given on April 9, 2020 in the form of basic necessities packages.


The massive spread of the Covid-19 virus that continues to occur encourages Makassar Toll Management to invite the community around

the office and operational areas to maintain more cleanliness as an effective step to reduce the spread. This spirit is then manifested through the provision of portable hand washing facilities by the Makassar Toll Management in 3 (three) different locations. These facilities are equipped with soap, tissue and trash cans so that they can be an adequate means to support optimal hygiene in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first hand washing facility is located in the Pasar Niaga Daya area, Makassar, while 2 (two) other facilities are located in the Pasar Kampung Beru area and near the Pedestrian Bridge (JPO) which is in front of SD Sudirman next to the Bosowa Tower, Makassar. Placement of portable hand washing facilities is focused on areas with central points of the crowd, which aims to make more people more able to maintain personal hygiene through washing their hands when outside the home


On January 23, 2020, the management of PT Bintaro Serpong Damai (BSD Tol) provided assistance to residents as a form of the Company's concern for communities affected by floods. Assistance in the form of school equipment packages for children, mosque carpets, large trash cans, street lighting and materials to make a shelter for displaced victims was distributed to residents of RT 01 & RT 05, RW 13, Kampung Gedong, Jombang Village, South Tangerang. located around the toll area.


PT Bintaro Serpong Damai (BSD Toll) cooperated with Jasa Marga and Indonesian Traffic Corps (Korlantas POLRI) for Serpong – Pondok Aren KM 8+00 area to organize a tree- planting event with the theme “Conserve the Environment, Make Your Day Green!” on January 17, 2020, which was attended by BSD Toll Director of Operations and Engineering Kristianto, Jasa Marga representatives, and Korlantas POLRI. A total of 200 Mahogany and Monkey Pod Trees were planted at several points, including in the Serpong - Pondok Arentollroadarea.Inthefuture,BSDTollManagementwill increase the number of trees to be planted in the Serpong - Pondok Aren Toll Area, creating green open space while adding aesthetics around the toll area to make it look more beautiful and comfortable.

Programs in 2016

  • Waste union of SMAN 4 Makassar Becomes a BMN and JTSE Development Program
    SMAN 4 Makassar is one of the schools that carry the environmental management program, through the establishment of Waste union (Kopsam). This Kopsam is managed by the students, under the guidance of the teachers. Similar to Trash Bank, Kopsam receives garbage from school students, teachers, and the surrounding community, to be exchanged for savings, credit, internet quota, or stationeries. The garbage collected by Kopsam is then sold to garbage collectors. Only types of newspaper, paper, magazines, book covers, and bottles that can be redeemed. Looking at the similarity of the Kopsam program with the already operated waste bank, PT BMN and PT JTSE make Kopsam of SMA N 4 Makassar as an environmental built program. The guidance is carried out through renewal of Kopsam room area facilities, provision of information boards / wall magazines, renewal of internal publicity and provision of administrative books of Kopsam system recording. On September 7, 2016, BMN and JTSE inaugurated Kopsam of SMA N 4 Makassar. Besides the inauguration of Kopsam, the scholarship was also given to 4 students of SMA N 4 Makassar for 1 year. The scholarship is submitted directly to the Principal of SMA N 4 Makassar, Mrs. Hj. Marhaeni D.
  • BSD Toll Provides Orphan Benefit in Cooperation with Dompet Du'afa
    On June 24, 2016, BSD Toll collaboration with Public Service Institution (LPM) Dompet Dhuafa organizes regular orphanage donations which are held annually. The event was held at the gate office of Pondok Aren Toll, followed by 150 orphans domiciled around the Pondok Aren toll - Serpong. With the theme "Cheerful Ramadhan: Shaping Character, Manifest Insan Kamil" is expected to create value for the people around the operational area of BSD Toll, as well as to strengthen the relationship between the BSD Toll Road and the surrounding people.
  • Happy Ramadan
    24 June 2016
    Breaking the fast in the month of Ramadan or iftar with our community has become our annual program. This year PT Bintaro Serpong Damai (BSD) held iftar with orphans on Juni 24, 2016 at the Office of Operations Pondok Aren. The event, titled "Happy Ramadan", was attended by 150 orphans, 120 of them are from six villages around BSD toll road and 30 others are from Sawah Baru village, where toll road pedestrian bridge collapsed recently. This time, in addition to iftar and charity, BSD provided educational activity under the theme of " Character Building, Make You A Perfect Human". Held from 10am to 6pm, this activity aims to provide new experience and add knowledge to the orphans. BSD worked together with Dompet Dhuafa in carrying out this activity.
  • Toll Road Sharing Love and Care
    15 June 2016
  • PT Jalan Tol Seksi Empat (JTSE) held "Toll Road Sharing Love and Care" on Juni 15, 2016 at Bridge II Tallo, Makassar. During this event, we held food drive, distributed charity to orphans and had iftar with people across the region Tallo Bridge. This activity was supported by the Government of Makassar and was attended by Vice Mayor of Makassar, Mr. Syamsu Rizal. Toll Road Sharing Love and Care handed groceries for 350 families and donation for 120 orphans from several orphanages in the surrounding area of Tallo bridge and surrounding the toll road. An iftar with 700 people from the local community and relevant government officials of Tallo Bridge II project closed the activity. This event was held to show gratitude for the support of the company to public and other stakeholders to Tallo Bridge II construction.
  • BSD Achieves Environmental Award from the Regional Environmental Agency (BLHD) South Tangerang
    4 June 2016
    In observance of the World Environment Day (WED), South Tangerang City held an event entitled "Preserving the Neighborhood" in Park City I, BSD, Serpong, on Saturday, June 4, 2016. The event was attended by the Mayor of South Tangerang, Mrs. Airin Rachmi Diany, Head of the Regional environmental Agency (BLHD), Mr. Rachmat Salam, Head of the Department of Transportation Communication and Information, Head of BP2T, Head of branch quarter Scout South Tangerang City, and environmentalists. In recognition of WED, PT Bintaro Serpong Damai (BSD) was awarded for its concerns about the environment and for its participation in maintaining green open spaces of South Tangerang city. The award was given by the Head of South Tangerang BLHD. BSD achieves environmental award every year. It is a BSD commitment in maintaining environmental sustainability and ecosystems surrounding the operational area of BSD toll.
  • Inauguration and The First weighing of Waste Bank in A'Bulosibatang
    5 March 2016
    In developing waste bank program for the preservation of the environment, PT Bosowa Marga Nusantara (BMN) and PT Jalan Tol Seksi Empat (JTSE) add a Bank Waste management site, named A’Bulosibatang Waste Bank, in Village Buloa, the area surrounding our toll road. This waste bank is an addition to the other waste banks in Village Pannampu.
    On March 5, 2016, A'Bulosibatang Waste Bank was inaugurated in Village Buloa. The inauguration was conducted by the Buloa village head and was attended by the local community. During the inauguration, the first garbage weighing was held. Local communities registered as a customer of Bank Trash collected household plastic waste, weighed it, and then exchanged it for money.

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